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Your Clipping Path Expert: Amazing Image Editing Within Your Budget

Our team of 120 in-house experts provides you with flawless clipping paths. We provide professional services for any business be it e-commerce or freelance photography. 

We curve the path around your subject so beautifully, your sales go up higher instantly! And you can save on your budget too! Because we provide high-end services for budget-friendly prices.

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03 . Flawless Editing

Our experts will do beautiful paths around

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The Best Clipping Path Service Provider for Your Ecommerce

Wondering why clipping path services are so inseparable from ecommerce? Easy, you need to amaze your clients with pixel-perfect images. And we are talking about loads of product images here! You’ll need photo editing services that include numerous graphic processes. We will get done with difficult paths around images utilizing the photoshop pen-tool. And that too tailored to your budget!

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Your Trusted Clipping Path Service Provider

CPS.IO is your trusted clipping path service provider for any eCommerce business. We are trusted among professional photographers for quality clipping and crisp edges. We specialize in curving complex paths around product images. Our expert team of 130 graphic designers gives you a hassle-free photo editing experience.

Timely Turnaround

You will get your quality clipping just on time to meet the important deadlines. Give it to us and get professional editing

Customer Support

Our partnership with you has a broader support system than you imagine. Connect with us anytime for queries.

Cost-Effective Package

We help your eCommerce or professional photography company with the most budget-friendly price for the clipping path.

Smooth Photo Clipping

You will get the best clipping path service for your small business. The same applies to any established brand.

Simple Clipping Path Service

products contain a greater number of anchor points and curves than basic-type products. At this step, the photo editing service focuses on generating a transparent background and clean vector path.

Our skilled graphic designers require relatively little time to complete simple clipping path jobs. And we have a special discount for huge orders.


Multiple Clipping Path Service

In this photo clipping service, the number of curves and the amount of time required, vary. There may be several products in an image. There can also be multiple layers with paths included within a single frame. The majority of the product photos have complicated edges and curves. This type of path is called a multi-clipping path since some of these images require many pathways to be clipped.

Complex Clipping Path Service

For items with shapes and designs that aren't simple, complex clipping paths are used. A complex clipping path involves editing a product image with many holes. Usually it goes up for more than 10 holes. And many closed paths are included in this process. In this way of editing photos, we curve out paths around necklaces, chains, nets, furry dolls, chandeliers, trees, and buildings.

And believe me when I say that we love the challenges that this service gives us. We know how important the complex path around is for any business that sells things online.


Super Complex Clipping Path Service

This category contains images with incredibly intricate edges and curves. Professionals curve paths in several layers for a single product using this clipping service. Our professionals dedicate extra time to the process in order to precisely capture each and every detail of a very complex object.

Professionals at ClippingPathService.IO use rapid selection, pen tools, canal masking, and other Photoshop tools and techniques to clip pictures such as industrial parts and jewelry precisely for you!

Huge Discount on Bulk Photo Clipping Path!

Never worry about tremendous product photos that needs clipping. We help out professional photographers and brands who depend on digital platforms. Simply provide us your images forget all your worries!

Learn the Frequently Asked Questions About Clipping Path

Why Do I Need Clipping Path Service?

70% of e-shoppers place a premium on product photos when making a purchase. Primarily, quality photographs result from editing. Cipping path is the most efficient approach to alter images.


Clipping path in Photoshop is a technique for creating object outlines. Work can vary depending on the complexity of an image. To ensure flawless and high-quality photos, it is best to use an online clipping path service provider.


Are you a  proprietor of an online store or an ecommerce vendor? You must maintain your activity by continuously uploading photographs of your products. We understand it is essential to have crisp and clean photographs. With us as your online picture clipping partner, the task is simple to do.


A masterful clipping path is a work of art. Any degree of editing, from basic to high, requires clipping.  You can hardly expect your work to be flawless without this process.


Let’s get an idea what will happen without clipping path. There can be so many catastrophes! I am going to paint the picture for you below. 


  1. Loose valuable clients 

Your buyers and clients may lose interest in your offer if your site photographs are of bad quality.


Your clients may have questions about the quality of your goods or services if your photos and images lack the sophistication that their hard-earned money merits.


This is something we can assist in preventing.


Our perfect clipping path service helps you persuade your website visitors to purchase from you. That is the magic of professional-looking and high-quality images.


  1. Low Sales Rate

If the quality of your photos and images fails to impress your customers, you are sure to lose sales.


You may also lose clients to competitors that prefer to use photos with a higher resolution.


Invest in our photo clipping services if you don't want to lose money due to poorly processed images.


Working with us, you can receive professionally edited photographs and images for use in your store.


  1. Bad Business Reputation

correctly used high quality images are effective visual elements that help explain things that words alone can't.


You can also use images to make your content and brand stand out.


On the other hand, using low-resolution photos can hurt your brand's image as soon as your buyers see them.


Help your customers remember your brand with our skilled photo editors and clipping path experts.


We can give you photos with a high resolution to help you build the reputation of your brand.

  1. Increased Expenses

A hand-drawn Photoshop clipping path doesn't cost a lot of money.


With our help, you can make a lot of changes to your photos without spending much. I assure you.


If you work with us, you can choose from a wide range of low-cost Photoshop services to help you process images.

  1. Failed Turnaround

Using Photoshop to improve your product images, portfolio photos, and other things takes a lot of time. It also becomes hard if you don't know what you're doing.


The worst thing is that you might not meet deadlines. This will cost you a lot of money for sure.


Don't be afraid! We'll take care of you.


We can help you meet your deadlines by doing things like the color correction in Photoshop. Also get help on multiple clipping paths, image background removal, and more.


It is clear to you what it will cost if you don't trust ClippingPathService.IO with your clipping path deals. We are the best clipping path service in the United States. We are ready to help aytime you need!

What is the Procedure for Getting Quote?

Click on the Get Quote button on any upper fold of our website. Fill up the required boxes for information to finalize the clipping path order. We will document the information and create a project.


Clearly state your service needs. Specify the level of complexities. We also need to know your order size with a clear deadline. Our dedicated team will catch up with you for a customized quote. They will finalize the delivery time and the expenditure.

How Do I Get Fast Delivery for Clipping Path?

We provide the fastest service available for any photo retouching. Shake off your worries for background removal, image masking, or any other edits. Our experts always stick to schedules to keep you stress free. WE make sure each of our project gets complete within the timeframe. 


Give us your toilsome works and concentrate on your business.

How Is Your Agency Better than other Clipping Path Service Providers?

We are a hardworking group of professional designers. In addition to delivering quality images on time,  we are known for being honest and open. The biggest difference between ClippingPathService.IO and other clipping path companies is our 24/7 customer service. We fix any issue you have with our service.


Also, we have a huge team working for you to handle large orders. We pay close attention to what you need and give you service that is just right for you. If you are a new client, you can ask for free photo retouching. Once you know how good we are, you can decide whether or not to trust us with the service.


Our experts will also help you out by answering your questions and problems for free. The most interesting thing is that you can get free edits after we turn in our project. 

This is the reason we are called the best clipping path service everywhere.  We are ready to provide the service whenever you need. In just 4 easy steps, you can get the editing service you want by the due date.

Let us tell you how we manage it!


We complete each clipping path order using a highly efficient but incredibly simple method. Let me summarize for you below:


  1. Give us your sample image.


Would you like to try our services prior to committing to a big project with us?


No problem at all!


Send us your sample images by filling out our FREE trial contact form. With its quick and user-friendly upload method, provide bulk images simultaneously easily.


  1. Request Quotes


After analyzing your order based on its quantity, complexity, and specified turnaround time, our project managers will provide you with a customized quote.


You can also use our price table to estimate our fees based on the size of your job.


  1. We Complete the Task


As soon as you confirm, we move forward with your project. We begin working on it right then.


We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that your projects are always delivered on time.


In addition to returning your photos quickly, we place a premium on offering high-quality photo/image editing services.


The clipping path service offered by ClippingPathServiceIO comes highly recommended by prior customers. I must state that it's a service you can rely on completely. Proceed with your endeavors without worry.


  1. Download Your Images


You can start downloading your images as soon as we make them available.


Please let us know if there are any features of the images that you would like altered. We will make any necessary changes for free.


We want you to get the most out of your investment in clipping path services.

When Should I Go for Product Photo Clipping Path?

Knowing how to create a clipping path with Photoshop Pen Tool is a great help. This is more true if you're in the e-commerce product photography business.


Eliminating the background


This is generally used to eliminate a photograph's background. To remove the backdrop, modify the background color, or create a translucent background, first clip the image.


Color Correction and Retouching


This is yet another application used for retouching and color correction. The clipping path enables us to select a specific part of a picture and isolate it from the rest of the image.  This allows us to modify that part independently.


Eliminating Distractions


Another important aspect of the clipping path is removing the distracting elements. It's usual to have useless portions of an image. To remove certain portions of your image first draw a path across it and then use the path creator to remove it.


Restore or Manipulate, Which one to go for?

Like image restoration and modification, Photoshop's clipping path tool is very handy. Clipping is essential while performing photo enhancements. The same concept applies to picture masking. Before you can begin masking, clipping must be performed.


Background elimination, color correction, and retouching are required Photoshop editing tasks. The aim of e-commerce product photography is to create a high-quality image that is both clean and natural.  Check the image to get a hell lot of traffic to an eCommerce company.

When is Clipping Path not Recommended?

Clipping path is incredible, no doubt! But this is not the only way you can better your product images. Do not start panicking just now my friend. We are here to recommend you the best-suited way.


First, we evaluate your photographs. If we find hairy and fuzzy borders after evaluating we will discourage the use of clipping paths. In such instances, advanced image masking is more suitable for your images.


Photoshop Image Masking Services for complicated background removal of hair and fur include-

  • Layer Mask,
  • Alpha-channel masking, and 
  • Clipping mask services

What are Your Specialized Clipping Path Services?

We deal with a lot of variations. You may call them our clipping path specialities. 

Hand-drawn E-commerce Image Clipping

Image editing and product photography become the first concern for an eCommerce firm. The most typical method in product image editing is to remove the backdrop from an image. Simply put, to isolate an object. 

Our professionals remove distracting objects or backgrounds and make the necessary adjustments.

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Edit your product images according to your needs and forget the cost of photoshoot for ever!

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